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UW CSE’s Carlos Guestrin, Bay Area alums @ Sift Science

photo 2UW CSE’s Amazon Professor of Machine Learning professor Carlos Guestrin headlined an evening event on Thursday for 65 Bay Area alums, hosted by our alumni startup Sift Science.

We host technical, social, and mixed events for Bay Area alums. With a host of “big data” and cloud alumni startups in the Bay Area (Cloudera, WibiData, Sift Science, and more), there was lots of demand for an event focused on large-scale machine learning. Carlos’s GraphLab is an exemplar in this space.

Thanks to UW CSE alum Jason Tan, Sift Science co-founder (along with UW CSE alum Brandon Balinger), for initiating and hosting this event!

Additional photos of the event here.

Bay Area alums: Don’t be left out. Join the “UW CSE in the Bay Area” Facebook group here.