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The CNN 10: Mind control over the Internet

cnn1CNN manages to sensationalize the research of UW CSE’s Rajesh Rao:

“The idea of mind control usually invokes scenes from sci-fi or horror movies, such as “Star Trek’s” Vulcan mind-meld, spiritual possession, malevolent hypnosis or malfunctioning implants.

“Well, get ready. Human brain-to-brain interfacing – via the Internet, no less – is becoming part real life. And it’s not the stuff of horror at all.

“In August, a team of researchers at the University of Washington managed to connect their brains using non-invasive technology. Rajesh Rao, a UW computer science and engineering professor, put on an electrode-studded cap and watched a video game, ‘playing’ it with his mind. Across campus, UW psychology professor Andrea Stocco wore a swim-style cap that had a portion equipped with a magnetic stimulation coil.

“When Rao thought of hitting a button, a signal was sent online to Stocco’s lab, and his finger twitched on his keyboard. It was long-distance telepathy, of sorts.”

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