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Innovation sector letter to the Governor

CSElogo2text_1000“No one would argue with Boeing’s importance to our state economy.  However, it’s time for a similar economic development strategy focused on meeting the needs of Washington’s information technology, biotechnology and other innovation sector employers, which currently generate approximately 28 percent of all the jobs in the state …

“The attached summary outlines the key elements that must be included in this economic development strategy, including:

  • Prioritizing state resources to expand higher education capacity and access and create more graduates, especially in the STEM disciplines.  Boeing has made a compelling argument regarding the importance of workforce training programs at the community and technical colleges.  Our industries have this same need at the baccalaureate level.  Washington must attack baccalaureate STEM funding with the same focus and intensity that lawmakers directed toward major upgrades to community and technical college programs that support Boeing and its suppliers.”

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