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UW CSE alum Jon Su’s startup PhiSix acquired by eBay

jonsu2006 UW CSE bachelors alum Jon Su received his Ph.D. from Stanford, spent several years as a Research Scientist at Intel’s Parallel Computing Lab, then co-founded PhiSix Fashion Labs, a Bay Area technology company helping apparel e-tailers increase sales and reduce returns through the application of innovative 3D modeling and physical simulation technologies – creating 3D models of clothing from photos, pattern files and other sources and simulating the behavior of the garments.

This week, PhiSix was acquired by eBay (which previously acquired UW CSE startup

Jon comes from an amazing family: his sister Sara is a 2002 UW CSE bachelors alum who received her Ph.D. from MIT (like Jon, in computer graphics), spent several years as a faculty member at Tufts, and is now at Google.

Congratulations Jon!  Learn about PhiSix and the eBay acquisition in TechCrunch here.