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UW CSE startup SNUPI Technologies featured in Seattle Business magazine

SNUPIUW CSE startup SNUPI Technologies (co-founded by faculty Shwetak Patel and Matt Reynolds, graduate student Gabe Cohn, and alum Jeremy Jaech) is featured in this month’s Seattle Business magazine:

“The so-called internet of things, in which objects transfer data without requiring human interaction, is so hot that Google recently invested $3.2 billion in Nest Labs, which sells a ‘smart’ household thermostat that learns the owner’s behavior to reduce energy use.

“This infatuation isn’t lost on SNUPI Technologies, which is debuting its Wally ‘home-sensing’ network online ( and at home shows across the country.

“Wally’s low-power wireless system detects potential environmental hazards by monitoring moisture, temperature and humidity changes inside a home. ‘Wally provides peace of mind to homeowners,’ says CEO [and UW CSE alum] Jeremy Jaech. ‘If we can set a model for what is normal in your home, we can tell you when it’s not normal.'”

Read more here.  Learn about SNUPI Technologies’ first product, Wally, here.