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Why CSE? Our students speak …

CSElogo_Color Optio 1]We ask applicants to our Computer Science and Computer Engineering major programs to tell us why they’re interested in Computer Science & Engineering. Here are some responses from this quarter’s incoming students:

  • After taking CSE 143 and creating a Sudoku game application, it sparked a latent interest within me for programming. In addition, I developed a mentality for programming and I knew that was what I wanted to pursue as a career. I believe computer science will have a capacity for an immense and worthwhile impact in the future, and I would love to be a part of it.
  • I chose computer engineering because I wanted a major where my future classes and future career would be challenging and engaging. In addition to this, I know that computer engineering is a growing and versatile field.
  • Personally speaking, CSE is probably the best thing ever happened to the human race. Simply put, it is the closest thing we have to true superpower.
  • I like computers, and I like things that are both technical and creative, and software development is that to a tee.
  • I chose CSE because the CSE classes I’ve taken are far and away more interesting than any others. I knew I had found what I wanted to do when I was excited to go to class every day because I enjoyed what we were learning so much. Also, I knew I wanted to find a growing and exciting field and nothing meets those criteria more than computer science. Additionally, it helps that the department at UW is so prestigious and an opportunity that I wouldn’t want to pass up.
  • It’s so cool making a computer do what you want! I always feel like a wizard.
  • Since I was little I’ve always found technology really interesting, and I love the problem solving techniques used in CSE, especially in developing algorithms.
  • I chose Computer Engineering because I believe that the people and the faculty in CSE are like-minded, community-oriented, and committed to being critical thinkers both in and out of the classroom.
  • It’s simple – after writing my first line of code I was hooked!
  • I enjoy working through rigorous course material and growing intellectually from it. Additionally, the breadth of subject matter that CSE reaches is extremely appealing to me.
  • After I took CSE 142, I knew that CSE would suit both my skills and my passion, despite my parents’ wish for me to become a pharmacist. I started to program for fun in my free time, looking up programming tutorial videos on YouTube, building my own software projects with friends and on my own. Learning new languages and technology is challenging but at the same time being able to build something meaningful out of what I learn is the most rewarding feeling.
  • I see a huge potential for computer science to help solve medical problems, and I hope to use it in this manner in the future. I also really enjoyed the introductory series here at UW and I have no reason to think that the other courses within the department won’t be as challenging and satisfying.
  • With CSE, you can always be working on the newest and most innovative projects. There is limitless potential with technology, and CSE allows one to harness this potential.
  • I’ve always been fond of problem solving, and it’s incredibly interesting to work with formalized, explicit “thought processes”. Also, as a creative thinker, I’m drawn to the whole new world that programming offers. I can make as many programs as I want, with my computer and willing mind being the only resources I need!
  • I love the possibilities and applications of CS to other areas of study.
  • Computer Science has appealed to me like no other subject. To be able to instruct a computer to be able to do what I want was very inspiring. Since then, I have tried to make applications that benefit a huge number of people with access to technology. I want to couple my interests in Education, Math, Research with Computer Science and develop programs to benefit society!

“From the mouths of babes …”

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