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CSE alumni startup CloudPress acquired by News Corp

cp team

The CloudPress team in 2007 (top) and 2014 (bottom)

TechCrunch reports:

“CloudPress is a year-old startup which has emerged from the chaos of the Egyptian revolution, only to be acquired by one of the world’s biggest media companies: News Corp. Indeed, the media giant was so impressed with the team and the product, that it scooped it up in a fast acqui-hire …

“The three founders of CloudPress – Allen Chen (UW CSE ’07), Mohamed El-Zohairy (UW CSE ’07), and Bobby Mathews (UW CSE ’08) – started the company in Egypt early 2013 and were incubated by Flat6Labs, one of the very few tech accelerators in the Middle East and the only one we’re aware of that is based in Cairo.

“The idea behind CloudPress is pretty clever. It’s a cloud platform designed to easily create and share rich visual content, in particular: visual storybooks, recipes, how-to-guides, buying guides and similar kinds of content.”

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