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Columns Magazine: “Got Data. Now What?”

researchColumns, the University of Washington alumni magazine, reports on data science activities at UW:

“Lazowska describes several challenges. Researchers are confronted with a tsunami of data that is rapidly growing in volume, velocity and variety. Even the best researchers often lack the expertise to effectively move ‘from data to knowledge to action.’ The tools and techniques are evolving rapidly. New partnerships are required. New approaches to educating the next generation of researchers, too – facilitated by a new major Interdisciplinary Graduate Education (IGERT) award to UW from the National Science Foundation. Finally, new career paths must be created for the individuals who build the tools that enable this new approach to discovery. The grant and partnership with Cal, NYU and the foundations, plus the NSF IGERT award, are allowing the UW to take a big step in enabling this ‘fourth paradigm’ and ensuring a future in which the UW will expand its role as one of the world’s powerhouse research universities.”

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