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Congratulations to UW CSE’s 2014 NSF Graduate Research Fellowship recipients!

imagesNSF Graduate Research Fellowships are among the most prestigious awards available to graduate students in the STEM fields.  The 2014 NSF GSRFs were announced today, and UW CSE has a bumper crop!

  • UW CSE Ph.D. student Camille Cobb
  • UW CSE Ph.D. student Scott Lundberg
  • UW CSE Ph.D. student Lauren Milne
  • UW CSE Ph.D. student Greg Nelson
  • UW CSE Ph.D. student Trevor Perrier
  • UW EE Ph.D. student Edward Wang, who works with CSE/EE faculty member Shwetak Patel
  • UW CSE Bachelors alum Michael Lam (now a Ph.D. student at Oregon State)
  • UW CSE Bachelors alum Jerry Li (now a Ph.D. student at MIT)
  • UW CSE Bachelors alum Grace Muzny
  • UW CSE Bachelors alum Laure Thompson (now a Ph.D. student at Cornell)

In addition, Honorable Mentions were received by UW CSE Ph.D. students Meg Campbell, Pavel Panchekha, and Doug Woos.

Go team!