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UW CSE Networks & Wireless Lab in Xconomy

AllSee-close-300x199Xconomy describes a collection of astonishing innovations from UW CSE’s Networks & Wireless Lab, led by Shyam Gollakota:

“The chorus of Hotel California sings out from the mobile phone in Bryce Kellogg’s pocket. He waves his hand to turn down the volume. He flicks his fingers a couple of times and Stairway to Heaven plays. The phone never leaves his pocket.

“It looks like a parlor trick, but the underlying technology, developed by a team of University of Washington electrical engineers and computer scientists, has potential to enable natural gesture control of the broadest range of electronic devices, even those with no batteries.

“The technology – a prototype of which was attached to Kellogg’s off-the-shelf Android phone – is called AllSee. Kellogg and fellow doctoral student Vamsi Talla refined it over the course of the last year with Shyam Gollakota, a UW assistant professor of computer science and engineering …

“Computer science professor Ed Lazowska describes Gollakota as ‘an idea factory.’ He and his students have won acclaim for recent research projects including WiSee, which measures Doppler shifts in wireless network signals as a medium for gesture controls, and Ambient Backscatter, which harvests small amounts of power from radio signals for communication devices and is being applied in AllSee.”

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