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New York Times: “Technology’s Man Problem”

UntitledA thought-provoking article by Claire Cain Miller:

“‘It’s a thousand tiny paper cuts,’ is how Ashe Dryden, a programmer who now consults on increasing diversity in technology, described working in tech.”

“‘We see these stories, ‘Why aren’t there more women in computer science and engineering?’ and there’s all these complicated answers like, ‘School advisers don’t have them take math and physics,’ and it’s probably true,’ said Lauren Weinstein, a man who has spent his four-decade career in tech working mostly with other men, and is currently a consultant for Google. ‘But I think there’s probably a simpler reason,’ he said, ‘which is these guys are just jerks, and women know it.'”

A bright spot, later in the article:

“When Ms. Shevinsky was introduced to engineering culture at Williams College, she got no hint of sexism … she described engineer friends as ‘forward-thinking feminists.'”

Must-reading, here.  Let’s make sure UW CSE provides a supportive environment for everyone.