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UW CSE 2014 Scholarship/Fellowship Recognition Luncheon

IMG_0399UW CSE’s annual Scholarship/Fellowship Recognition Luncheon brings together the generous individuals and corporations whose gifts make scholarships and fellowships available to our students, and the outstanding students who are the beneficiaries of this generosity.

At yesterday’s event, graduate student Laurel Orr and undergraduate student Karolina Pyszkiewicz spoke, representing their peers.

Scholarships enable great students to attend UW CSE regardless of means, allowing us to fulfill the traditional role of the nation’s great public universities as tuition rises to offset dramatic reductions in public support.  Fellowships help attract the very best graduate students to UW CSE, and provide flexibility during their first year as they discover the research area that excites them the most.

Thanks to our donors, and congratulations to our students!

To learn more about our endowed scholarships and fellowships, the donors, and the recipients, check out the booklet here.