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UW CSE – current and future – rocks in ACM Student Research Competition

3 studentsThe ACM Student Research Competition  is an internationally recognized venue celebrating undergraduate and graduate student research.  In the Grand Finals, first, second, and third place awards are made in both undergraduate and graduate student categories, considering students from all geographies and all research areas.

In the 2014 Grand Finals:

  • Graduate student, second place: UW CSE graduate student Sai Zhang.

Sai was recognized for research that addresses configuration errors, which cause correct software to behave in undesired ways.  Sai created techniques and tools that enable programmers and end-users to find and fix configuration errors.

  • Undergraduate student, second place: UW CSE incoming graduate student James Bornholt, currently at the Australian National University.

While an undergraduate at ANU, James did multiple internships at Microsoft Research. At ANU and MSR he did research on dealing with uncertainty in mainstream programming languages – for example, dealing with uncertainty from sensor readings in mobile applications.

  • Undergraduate student, third place: UW CSE incoming graduate student Carlo Del Mundo, currently at Virginia Tech.

Carlo worked at Virginia Tech on accelerating fast Fourier transform on modern GPU hardware.

Congratulations to Sai, James, and Carlo! Learn about all the winners here.