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UW CSE honors inspirational teachers

IMG_2906In every student’s academic life, there are some truly special teachers who provide life-changing inspiration – who cause the student to recognize what s/he can achieve and what s/he should aspire to.

UW CSE invites our undergraduates to nominate their most inspirational teachers from middle school, upper school, or community college.  We host these teachers, their partners, and the students who nominated them at a dinner in the spring.

All teachers – from preschool to graduate school – are in the same business. Parents entrust us with their most prized possession – their children. We do the best we can, for a few short years, to nurture their creativity and guide their development, then we send them on to the next stage of their lives.  Later on, we see what they’ve become, and we take joy and pride in having played at least a small role in the development of these amazing young people.

UW CSE is proud to honor our 2013-14 Inspirational Teachers – 57 remarkable individuals, listed here.  Thanks for all you do.