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CSE’s Brad Fitzpatrick receives College of Engineering Diamond Award


Brad Fitzpatrick and family


Brad Fitzpatrick and Dean of Engineering Michael Bragg

At the 2014 UW College of Engineering Diamond Awards celebration on Thursday night, 2002 CSE Bachelors alum Brad Fitzpatrick received the Diamond Award for Early Career Achievement. Brad is a widely respected leader in the open-source community, improving software development culture and creating open source projects used by millions of web sites around the world. Early-on, he created Memcached to support the exploding user community of his social network startup LiveJournal – today used by most web-scale services including YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Wikipedia and Craigslist. For the past five years he has been at Google, working on the Go programming language and Camlistore.

Congratulations to Brad and the other Diamond Award recipients: Eric B. Denton, P.E., ’51 BS & MS Chemical Engineering, who brought computer automation to the timber industry; Simon Sze, ’60 MS Electrical Engineering, who invented FLASH memory and wrote Physics of Semiconductor Devices, one of the most cited works in contemporary engineering; Randy Kurosky, ’88 BS Ceramic Engineering, co-inventor of two ceramic oxide powder processes and engineer of over 3,000 different metallic oxide compositions; and Daniel J. Evans, ’48 BS, ’49 MS Civil Engineering, former Governor, U.S. Senator, university president, and civic leader.

Watch a video celebrating Brad’s accomplishments here.