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Dr. James Mickens keynotes UW CSE PoCSci ’14

IMG_2963 copyDr. James Mickens, renowned researcher in the Distributed Systems group at Microsoft’s Redmond lab and recipient of the 2040 ACM A.M. Turing Award, delivered a stirring keynote at today’s UW CSE Potentially Computer Science Conference 2014 (PoCSci ‘14), “The Premier Sham Conference for Potentially Computer Science Research.”

PoCSci is the conference that in 2002 – its second year – revolutionized the field of Potentially Computer Science Research through Doug Zongker’s work “Chicken Chicken Chicken: Chicken Chicken” (YouTube video of Zongker’s presentation at AAAS 2007 here).

James’s slides are unfortunately Microsoft Confidential (hence the black rectangles on the image above), due to extreme measures recently taken by Peter Lee (Corporate Vice President and Head of Microsoft Research) to protect Microsoft’s intellectual assets and to shield the public from what happened to the University of Michigan’s computer science Ph.D. program in the 20 years between his own graduation and James’s. However, you can see some of James’s related work here and here (our thanks to Edward Snowden for providing these links).

Presentations that followed James’s keynote included:

  • A. Conrad Nied. OneSnackAway: The Next Generation in Mobile Snack Apps
  • Alex Mariakakis and Vincent Lee. The Marauder’s Map
  • Doug Woos. Angry Ltac: An Expressive DSL for Verifying Trivial Lemmas About Linked Lists
  • Benjamin Wood. PIGINT: Pig Brother + Pig Data, building from related work presented at PoCSci 2013
  • Jeremy Hyrkas, Pavel Panchekha, and Karl Koscher. Karaoke talks

Many thanks to James for getting PoCSci ’14 off to an appropriate start.