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Happy Birthday Stefan Savage!

adirondack2(1)UW CSE Ph.D. alum Stefan Savage – star professor at UCSD CSE – turned 45 today.

At some point Stefan had expressed a fondness for Adirondack chairs. His UCSD faculty colleagues, led by UW CSE Ph.D. alum Geoff Voelker, came through.

Said Stefan, after reality met fantasy head-on:

“What is theory with these?  Is this some kind of New England Calvinist thing where sitting on your lawn on a nice day felt too good so, inspired by church pews, they designed the most awkward sitting experience they could whereby you could prove, through your own clear pain, that you were not engaging in the deadly sin of sloth?

“Seriously, what other chair can simultaneously hurt your back, knees and hips … while still providing multiple opportunities for splinter placement?  It is a marvel of anti-ergonomics …”

(We presume that’s Klingon for “Thanks for the thoughtful gift!”)