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Revealing the truth about Harvey Mudd College

UW CSE HMCUW EE Ph.D. student Julie Medero will join the Computer Science faculty at Harvey Mudd College in the fall.

A few of the many Mudders now in UW CSE and EE gathered with Julie in the Atrium to tell her all the things they had kept to themselves while she was considering the job. (Just kidding!  Mudd is a phenomenal school and one of our top sources of Ph.D. students!)

Left to right:  Dan Halperin (CSE and eScience Institute), Lilian de Greef (CSE), Edward Wang (EE), Calvin Loncaric (CSE), Eric Mullen (CSE), and Julie.

Congratulations to Julie on landing a great position, and to HMC on landing a great faculty member. And … keep sending us those great students!