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UW CSE’s Vincent Liu, Robert Gens win Google Ph.D. Fellowships!

vrGoogle has just announced the winners of its 2014 Google Ph.D. Fellowships.

Among the 14 winners of North American fellowships are two UW CSE Ph.D. students, Vincent Liu and Robert Gens.

Vincent works with CSE faculty member Tom Anderson (and many others) in the broad area of distributed systems and networking. His projects have touched on fault-tolerance, security, data centers, wireless networks, clean-slate Internet architecture, routing/addressing, and the economic aspects of the Internet. (His undergraduate research, at the University of Texas, was in the area of compilers and parallel systems, but he saw the light.)

Rob works with CSE faculty member Pedro Domingos.  He studies deep learning (multi-layer neural networks), seeking architectural principles that will allow computers to understand the megapixels of our visual world as rapidly as we do.

Congratulations to Vincent and Rob, and thanks to Google!  (Google has been very generous in supporting UW CSE’s extraordinary students through this highly competitive program. Adrian Sampson was a 2013 winner. Tom Bergan was a 2011 winner. Roxana Geambasu and Mike Piatek were 2009 winners.)

See the Google announcement here.