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Transitions at the UW Center for Commercialization

lvGeekWire reports:

“Linden Rhoads, who helped boost the number of startups coming out of the University of Washington over the past six years, is stepping down as vice provost of commercialization to return to private industry …

“In a related move, the UW announced that electrical engineering professor Vikram Jandhyala will assume the new role of Vice Provost of Innovation …

“Ed Lazowska, the Bill & Melinda Gates Chair in Computer Science & Engineering at the University of Washington, said that Rhoads helped usher in a new era at the University.

“‘She has done many hugely innovative things – particularly notable because she inherited an office in complete disarray due to terrible leadership by her predecessor,’ said Lazowska.

“He added that Jandhyala is a ‘gem.’  ‘The tragedy is that he has stepped down as chair of UW’s Electrical Engineering department, where he was doing a phenomenal job,’ said Lazowska. ‘The good news is that, once he made the decision to step down from EE, the Provost recruited him for this new role.'”

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