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USAID hearts UW CSE’s Open Data Kit

usaid-logo“Feed the Future has been piloting cutting-edge software, called the Open Data Kit (ODK), to improve its survey data collection methods, and in the process, has generated a number of lessons learned that are being integrated back into the open-source system for the benefit of future users. ODK provides a set of tools used to author, field, and manage mobile data collection. Using this new system for conducting population-based surveys (PBS) on Android 7″ tablets, the project was able to scale its scope of collection significantly. The data collection forms with ODK used almost 3300 variables, spread across 19 modules, with well over 1000 built-in edit checks.

“The project’s work with ODK is just one example of USAID’s public commitment to develop and scale innovation through strategic partnerships with the private sector. Within USAID Forward, smarter data use is placed center stage in the Agency’s efforts to increase transparency, collaboration, and impact.”

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