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NationSwell: “All colleges should take notice of how these schools are reducing the gender gap”

Slide1NationSwell picks up on recent coverage in the New York Times of steps taken by the University of Washington, Carnegie Mellon University, and Harvey Mudd College to increase the proportion of women pursuing computer science:

“At Carnegie Mellon University’s School of Computer Science, 40 percent of incoming freshmen are women, and almost a third of computer science graduates this year were women at the University of Washington. And that’s not all. Harvey Mudd College in California boasts that 40 percent of their computer science program enrollees are female and this year, more than half of their engineering school graduates were women – a first for the school …

“If other schools picked up some tips from this trend-setting trio, America could be well on its way to unlocking a whole new set of minds for computer science.”

Read the NationSwell post here.  Read the original New York Times article and see background material here.