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Update: Responding to the Explosion of Student Interest in Computer Science

NCWITsmA presentation on the explosion of student interest in computer science, prepared by UW’s Ed Lazowska and Stanford’s Eric Roberts for the 2014 NCWIT Summit on Women and Information Technology, was updated by Ed Lazowska and UMass Amherst’s Jim Kurose for the 2014 Computing Research Association Conference at Snowbird.

Additional data is presented, as well as suggestions from audiences and discussions at NCWIT, the NSF CISE Advisory Committee, and the CRA Conference at Snowbird:

  • Observations
  • Best Practices: how to respond?
  • What’s different this time around, and how can we document it?
  • A proactive agenda: what can we and our disciplinary organizations (CRA, CCC, ACM, NSF, CSTB, …) do?

See the presentation here.

At the University of Washington, the explosion of student interest manifests itself in many ways – most disturbingly to us, in our inability to accommodate many truly outstanding students who seek to major in Computer Science and Computer Engineering – students who would thrive in our majors and contribute greatly to the vibrancy of our region and nation. Learn more about this here.