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CSE alum startup Parenthoods in TechCrunch

mg_1224-editA great article in today’s TechCrunch on Parenthoods, a new Y Combinator-backed mobile platform created by alums Siobhan Quinn and Jeni Axline:

“Becoming a parent is an amazing, life-changing experience, but it can also be one that’s isolating and lonely – especially if your pre-baby social activities involved spur-of-the moment invites, happy hours, and nights out on the town. Parenthoods, a new Y Combinator-backed mobile platform, wants to help with the social isolation parenthood can bring by offering a community for local moms and dads where they can connect with others like them right from their mobile phone.

“The company was founded by Siobhan Quinn, a former Foursquare and Google product manager, and Jeni Axline, previously a Director of Production at Say Media. The two are longtime friends who first met at University of Washington, before relocating to San Francisco to work in the tech industry …

“The idea for the startup was inspired – like many ideas are – by a personal experience: Axline became a mom herself. ‘Being home alone all day, you kind of want to pull your hair out,’ she says …”

Read the TechCrunch post here. Check out Parenthoods here.

August 11, 2014