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“Test of Time” Award to UW CSE’s Neil Spring, Ratul Mahajan, and David Wetherall for “Rocketfuel”

acm_logo_fullsize“Test of Time” awards – which are given in a number of fields of computer science – are highly valued because they recognize the research that, with a decade of hindsight, has had the greatest impact.

The UW CSE research paper “Measuring ISP Topologies with Rocketfuel” by Neil Spring, Ratul Mahajan, and David Wetherall has just been named co-recipient of the 2014 ACM SIGCOMM Test of Time Award.  The paper was presented at the 2002 ACM SIGCOMM conference; Neil, now a faculty member at the University of Maryland, was a UW CSE Ph.D. student at the time; Ratul, now a Senior Researcher at Microsoft Research, was also a UW CSE Ph.D. student; David was a UW CSE faculty member.

According to the citation: “Rocketfuel contributed methods to make efficient measurements for ascertaining Internet router-level topologies,  useful for the modeling and simulation of routing, transport protocols, and graph evolution, to name a few areas. In addition, this effort produced a dataset used by a number of subsequent efforts. One recent (2011) text describes this dataset as: ‘the most trustable existing dataset for Internet service provider (ISP) networks.'”

Congratulations to Neil, Ratul, and David!