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CSE startup GraphLab in Seattle Times


GraphLab VP Marketing Johnnie Konstantas, Chief Architect Yucheng Low, VP Engineering Sethu Raman, and Co-Founder and CEO (and UW CSE Amazon Professor of Machine Learning) Carlos Guestrin

CSE startup GraphLab inaugurated its new office space in Fremont last week. The Seattle Times writes:

“Big-data analytics startup GraphLab may need to use its number-crunching software to manage its seating chart.

“After outgrowing a series of incubation spaces at the University of Washington, the company is now filling up a standalone space down the canal in Fremont …

“GraphLab makes software that companies can use to build predictive applications – the kind that analyze huge data collections to figure out what people are likely to shop for, where crime may occur or what kind of music people may like to hear next. Early users include Zillow, Zynga, Adobe and Exxon.”

Read more here.  Learn about the company here.