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“How the University of Washington plans to lead Puget Sound innovation”

2024799374University of Washington President Michael K. Young, in the Seattle Times:

“In the Puget Sound, we consider ourselves leaders and innovators. After all, we designed and built the planes that revolutionized the aerospace industry and changed the world; gave birth to culture-defining companies like Microsoft, Nordstrom and Starbucks; pioneered the online experience through and Expedia; and advanced global development through organizations such as the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and PATH. Seattle set the standard in the field of technology and demonstrated the value of living lives with corporate and social purpose.

“It is in this innovative and thriving Northwest environment that we in higher education must stay relevant, continue driving our region forward and lead through innovation. At the University of Washington, we are building on our long-standing work in this arena through our ‘Innovation Agenda,’ which I am outlining Friday at the Seattle Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce Regional Leadership Conference …

“It is unacceptable that Washington students are not filling more of the jobs our technological companies now offer. At the UW, we plan to build a new computer science facility that would double our degree capacity and ensure that students in non-computer science disciplines get an opportunity to take classes in this field. In the coming legislative session, the UW will ask the state Legislature as well as the private sector to help fund this new 130,000-square-foot building for our nationally ranked computer science and engineering program, allowing us to address the critical workforce shortage for our region’s technology sector.

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