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UW CSE Center for Game Science: Foldit Reaches 1000 Puzzles, Debuts New Ebola Puzzle

Explanation_puzzle_1000_bFoldit , a protein folding and protein structure game from UW CSE’s Center for Game Science in collaboration with the Baker Lab in UW Biochemistry, has reached 1000 puzzles today, thanks to the hard work of CGS’s scientists and community. CGS’s scientists have posted a few past puzzles in which they have asked players to design peptides and small proteins that are able to bind to a binding site on the Ebola binding protein.

Read up on Foldit’s continuing commitment to Ebola in this excellent summary post by scientist Vikram Mulligan discussing the current status of research, as well as a spotlight on previous puzzles tackled by the hard-working Foldit community.

Get familiar with Foldit’s 1000th puzzle titled, “Breach Ebola’s Defences!” and join the research efforts today!