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Crosscut on UW CSE’s LivingVotersGuide

UntitledCrosscut writes:

“As elections matter more, voters seem to become more frustrated and overwhelmed with the process …

“et our election decisions profoundly affect the quality of our communities and our personal lives … supports that path to engaged and informed voting. Developed by Seattle CityClub in partnership with University of Washington, this online tool helps Washingtonians consider their choices, get relevant background information and discuss candidates and ballot issues with each other.”

(In 2010 Seattle CityClub partnered with a team of Computer Science & Engineering and Political Science researchers at the University of Washington to develop an online tool to inform voting decisions, inspire public trust in one another, and reclaim citizens’ power and shared responsibility for making our democracy work. Alan Borning led the CSE team, working with Ph.D. student Travis Kriplean.)

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