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UW CSE “mock technical interviews”

IMG_20141029_194101“Mock technical interviews” help prepare UW CSE students for the real thing! Many thanks to our friends and alums from top companies who participated last night:

  • Amazon: Rowan Hale, Bingo Ngo, Shridhar Pathak
  • Google: Kiran Bagga, Alexis Cheng, David Schultz
  • Marchex: Rich Hanbidge, Kent Henneuse, Morten Pedersen
  • Microsoft: Zac Brown, Kasey Champion, Alejandro Guerrero Gonzalez, David Haley, Peter Hauge, Tri Nguyen
  • Qumulo: James Athappilly
  • Tableau: Austin Dahl

Comments from two of the above:

“I had a fantastic time getting to work with students and do the interviews. I have long since forgotten what it is like to start out and may have been more nervous than the students. All three of the individuals I interviewed were well prepared for what was going to happen during the session. Each of them took the time to talk through the solutions they were creating as they coded them up. This shows me there are solid programs in place to help students be successful once they head into the world of interviewing. It was personally rewarding to give back what I have learned over the years to those beginning the journey.”

“Thanks for having us! All three of the students I interviewed have great potential. I usually have to do many interviews to find one good candidate, so I was pleasantly surprised to speak to three good ones in a row. It goes to show what a great program you have here.”