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UW CSE’s Ed Lazowska on GeekWire Radio

edlazowska-620x411UW CSE’s Ed Lazowska joins GeekWire‘s Todd Bishop and John Cook for a conversation on GeekWire Radio. Topics include:

  • Regular GeekWire content:
    • The Microsoft Band (Todd had a review model – way cool!)
    • Starbucks home delivery (John thinks they’re transforming into a technology company)
  • Interview with Ed (9:00-16:25)
    • What’s cool in computer science?
    • How much is this reflected in education?
    • What about student demand for computer science? What’s driving the dramatic increase?
    • What can we do to meet our local student and employer demand?
  • Regular GeekWire content:
    • App of the Week: PhotoMath
  • More with Ed (18.05-24:05)
    • What about the planned new building for UW CSE?
    • The four components of UW CSE’s value proposition:
      • “We are the #1 place in the state that prepares Washington’s kids for Washington’s leadership jobs”
      • “Research and entrepreneurship .. Carlos Guestrin … Oren Etzioni … Shwetak Patel … Microsoft Photosynth … Picasa Face Movie …”
      • “Interdisciplinary activities that are transforming UW … data science … neural engineering … game science …”
      • “Community engagement … advocacy for K-12 STEM … outreach to schools, because that’s our pipeline …”
    • Trends in student entrepreneurship: “I think this region is on the cusp of something great”
  • Regular GeekWire content:
    • GeekWire‘s Trivia Challenge
  • Final segment with Ed (27:30-31:36)
    • Advice for parents to prepare their kids for 21st century careers? “Keep your kid inquisitive”
    • A hat-tip to “Programming is the hands-on inquiry-based way we teach computational thinking”
    • A final message about computer science: “This is a field that’s great for everybody, and a field that gives you the power to change the world”

GeekWire airs on KIRO Radio in Seattle (97.3 FM) at 7 p.m. Saturdays and 1 p.m. Sundays – but it’s always available by podcast here.