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UW Daily reports on plans for a second building for CSE

140511_HarryLian_CSEEXPANSION_WEB.fullThe UW Daily reports:

“The UW Computer Science & Engineering department (CSE) recently proposed a dramatic expansion to satisfy the demand for its education and research.

“On Oct. 24, the UW backed the department by submitting an official request to architects for the design of a new, additional CSE building (CSE II) …

“‘We have built one of the best computer science departments in the country and I think we’ll continue to improve, to provide better education and more opportunities for more students,’ [CSE chairman Hank] Levy said …

“‘We have a value proposition … [which] is great education, great research, and also broad impact [of these],’ [CSE professor Ed] Lazowska said. ‘Computer science is at the heart of just about everything these days …’

“With CSE II, the department will be able to provide more interdisciplinary activities for interested students from all majors, according to Gaetano Borriello, CSE undergraduate admissions chair.”

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