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“5 Lessons That Business Leaders Could Learn From Academics”

20141106230933-5-lessons-business-leaders-could-learn-academicsA nice piece in Entrepreneur by UW iSchool professor (and UW CSE adjunct professor) Jake Wobbrock:

“As noted in the New York Times, government-sponsored university research has played a major part in the breakthroughs underlying companies like Google, Intel, Qualcomm, Apple, Microsoft and more. In fact, a study of 30 well-known companies like these by the National Research Council found that $500B/year in their revenues were attributable to discoveries from university research.

“So how is it that academics are at the same time under worked, self-interested and unaccountable, and yet producing many of the fundamental breakthroughs that lead to world-changing impact?

“Having worked as a tenured university professor and a VC-backed startup founder and CEO, I have seen how both roles have much to learn from each other. Business leaders would do well to take a page from the playbook of academics if they want their firms to define the technology landscape for the next decade and beyond. Here is that page …”

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November 16, 2014