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UW CSE alum Scott Ritchie @ Big Nerd Ranch


Scott Ritchie plays the low D whistle in the basilica of Kloster Eberbach

Scott Ritchie received his bachelors from UW CSE in 1983 – the same year his father Bob, one of the founders of the department, stepped down as chair.  He attended grad school at Berkeley, worked for Sun and elsewhere, and is now teaching iOS bootcamps at Big Nerd Ranch. We ran across a really wonderful testimonial from a student:

“My first Big Nerd Ranch course was the Beginning iOS bootcamp, taught by the excellent Scott Ritchie at the former European training location at Kloster Eberbach in Germany. I’d been to training courses before, but everything about the experience exceeded my expectations. For one, the location was superb – a medieval monastery with beautiful grounds for the daily post-lunch walk. But it was the class itself that blew me away. Scott really knew his stuff, explaining complex issues in an understandable way, and then explaining why things work the way they do. Better still, I’ve never seen a teacher handle questions from the class the way he did. Often, it doesn’t take too deep a discussion before a teacher reveals how thin his or her knowledge actually is. Scott knocked every pitch out of the park, all week long.”

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