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UW team advances in GSK Bioelectronics Innovation Challenge

static.squarespace.comOne year ago today, GSK – one of the world’s leading research-based pharmaceutical and healthcare companies – announced its Bioelectronics Innovation Challenge: a $1 million prize to the first team to generate a small, implantable, wireless device that can record, stimulate and block functionally-specific neural signals to and from a specific visceral organ in functional models.

In September, GSK created a $5 million Innovation Challenge Fund for teams to apply for support in their efforts to solving the challenge. After a rigorous review of 25 applications from across the globe, the GSK Bioelectronics R&D team has selected 10 teams to receive support from the Innovation Challenge Fund – including a UW-led team consisting of Josh Smith (UW CSE + EE), Bing Brunton (UW Biology + eScience Institute), Greg Horwitz (UW Physiology & Biophysics), Chet Moritz (Team Lead; UW Physiology & Biophysics + Rehabilitation Medicine), and Polina Anikeeva (MIT).

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