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UW CSE hosts PSCSTA programming contest

15857614388_47a5ea32dc_zOn Saturday December 13th, 331 students from 27 schools across the region participated in the Puget Sound Computer Science Teachers Association biannual programming contest. Due to high demand the contest was hosted at two sites, UW CSE and Microsoft, with UW CSE DawgBytes (our K-12 outreach program) and Microsoft TEALS as co-sponsors.

Westside (UW contest) winners:


  • 1st Place: Friday from Roosevelt High School, earning 655 points in 2:54:56seattle_2
  • 2nd Place: French Toast Mafia from Ingraham High School, earning 655 points in 2:56:47
  • 3rd Place: Pseudo Sandwich from Lakeside School, earning 600 points in 2:40:00


  • 1st Place: Coding Coconuts from Lakeside School, earning 720 points in 2:41:00
  • 2nd Place: //no comment from Nathan Hale High School, earning 715 points in 2:36:19
  • 3rd Place: Frizbros from Garfield High School, earning 650 points in 3:00:00
  • Honorable Mention: Kamiak Yoda from Kamiak High School, earning 600 points in 2:06:52

PSCSTA’s post with additional details here. Zillions of great photos of the contestants here.

Learn more about DawgBytes (“A Taste of CSE”), UW CSE’s K-12 outreach program, here.