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A salute to “Seattle’s Most Influential People of 2014”

montageAs the new year approaches, we salute some of those recognized by Seattle Magazine as among “Seattle’s Most Influential People of 2014” – individuals who have particularly impacted UW Computer Science & Engineering through their words and deeds:

  • Nick Hanauer, “Person of the Year,” a Seattle-raised entrepreneur and venture capitalist, the first non-family investor in, and a prime mover behind many forward-looking regional and national civic initiatives.
  • Jeff Bezos, Amazon CEO, transforming Seattle and the world.
  • Ed Murray, Seattle Mayor: a tremendous first-year record, and steadfast support for UW, UW CSE, and a wide variety of social issues.
  • Satya Nadella, Microsoft CEO, focused on making Microsoft – UW CSE’s strongest partner – a “learning organization.”
  • Brad Smith, Microsoft General Counsel, a person of tremendous principle who seems to be on the enlightened side of every issue.

Thanks to all, for what you do for UW CSE, for Seattle, and for the world.