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UW CSE’s BiliCam named among “Ten of the year’s promising technologies for global development”

Bilicam-interfaceE4C (Engineering for Change) writes:

“These are our picks for 10 promising technologies for global development that made headlines in 2014 …

“BiliCam is a smartphone application that diagnoses jaundice in newborns. It is still in development and available now only for clinicians, but in the future it could be a low-cost, powerful tool for parents and rural clinics in developing countries and anywhere in the world.”

BiliCam is the work of UbiComp lab members Lilian de Greef, Mayank Goel, Eric Larson, and Shwetak Patel.

Read the “Top Ten” article here. Read a more detailed October E4C profile of BiliCam here. Check out the BiliCam project web page here.