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Computer science at Seattle’s Sand Point Elementary School

10468459_1576642212551254_9203640331436614144_oUW CSE professor Magda Balazinska has a child at Sand Point Elementary School. Last year, Magda encouraged the school to try out Scratch on the 5th grade class; CSE’s Allison Obourn provided some mini-lectures. This year Sand Point expanded Scratch to the 4th grade, and during CS Ed Week, the 2nd through 5th grades participated in the Hour of Code.

Comments from teachers:

About the Hour of Code: “The kids loved the coding activities with Frozen and Angry Birds.  I’m starting in on very beginning Scratch today. Thanks for your support and encouragement. I would not have pursued this without your guidance.”

About Scratch: “All kinds of cool organic things are happening. Yesterday a 4th grader showed his class how he made a game on Scratch and everyone tried to make their own. Very fun!”

Three cheers for Sand Point teacher Julia Schumacher for her instrumental role in all of this!

January 8, 2015