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CSES 2015!

ChickenAt Friday’s 2015 UW Computer Science & Engineering Symposium (CSES 2015), 18 graduate students from across the field presented 15-minute research talks to an audience of more than 100 UW CSE graduate students and faculty members.

The goal of CSES is to create a forum for interaction between the different fields of research in CSE. The Symposium organizers – graduate student Yoav Artzi and faculty members Franzi Roesner and Zach Tatlock – invited visionary talks that place current research within a wider research agenda and emphasize the importance of the problem, the originality of the approach, and the long-term vision of the researcher.

The presentations were spectacular in both form and content – amazingly impressive. In a tough field, the winner of the “best presentation” award was Adrian Sampson, shown here with the award. (Don’t let it go to your head, buddy …)

Bruce Hemingway photographs of the day here.