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Congratulations to Mayukha Vadari from Redmond HS – UW CSE summer research intern and NCWIT award winner!

MVNineteen young women from Washington State have been named regional winners of 2015 Aspirations in Computing Awards from NCWIT – the National Center for Women & Information Technology.

Among them is Mayukha Vadari, and 11th grader at Redmond High School, who spent last summer as a research intern working with UW CSE professor Magda Balazinska and other faculty and students from UW CSE and UW Astronomy.

Mayukha’s biography on the NCWIT awards website begins: “This summer (2014), Mayukha had her dream internship at the University of Washington’s Computer Science department, working on a problem for the astronomy department. It combined space and the beginning of the universe, big data analytics and computer science, all areas of great interest to her. Her task was to improve a service that visualized galaxy formation to allow more parameters. The project she was working on involved showing the merger history of a galaxy: visualizing the historical view of how galaxies were formed as they merged or separated to get to their final (present) state.”

Congratulations to Mayukha, and to all 19 winners and 20 runners-up from Washington State in the 2015 NCWIT Aspirations in Computing Awards.  Read about them all here.