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PSBJ: “Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence wants computers to be smarter than a fourth grader”

AI2logoThe Puget Sound Business Journal reports on Paul G. Allen’s Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence (AI2), led by UW CSE”s Oren Etzioni:

“We are years, decades, possibly even centuries away from designing machines that are fully equipped with human intelligence.

“But a Seattle organization that launched only a year ago is playing a major role in creating the building blocks necessary to advance artificial intelligence …

“Seattle is known for its growing number of big data startups, as well as machine learning research done at the University of Washington. Along with AI2, those organizations have made the region a powerful player in the world of artificial intelligence.

“We don’t have a monopoly, Etzioni cautioned, but we do have many advantages that other locations in the country do not.

“One of them is Paul Allen.”

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