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UW Innovation Research Award to CSE’s James Fogarty, Julie Kientz, Sean Munson, Shwetak Patel

UntitledThe UW Innovation Research Award supports unusually creative early and mid-career faculty in engineering, health, natural and social sciences.

The Provost has just announced an award to team of six investigators: Shwetak Patel and James Fogarty (Computer Science & Engineering); Julie Kientz and Sean Munson (Human-Centered Design & Engineering; both are also Adjunct faculty in CSE); Jasmine Zia (UW Medicine’s Division of Gastroenterology); and Roger Vilardaga (Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences). They are building tools used on a mobile device that allow patients to easily enter data about habits and behaviors related to a particular health problem. These data will help extend the reach of health care beyond the clinic, making it easier for physicians to make diagnoses and treatment plans.

Go team! Read more here.