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UW powers Seattle’s great technology companies!

George Nychis writes:

freshgradsIn the Bay Area, when I put recruiting ads out I would get a ton of applications from Stanford and Berkeley.  In Boston, I am getting no applications from those schools.  At first I questioned whether my recruiting ad sucked, but then I thought … maybe nobody from those schools want to leave the Bay.

So I thought I’d use LinkedIn to gather some data on where recent graduates from the top schools go after they graduate.  I did this by filtering for software engineers with less than 2 years of experience.  The numbers are:  the total number of people who graduated from school Y with less than 2 years experience, living in city X (who are on LinkedIn).

UW is a public university. Our job is to educate Washington State’s top students for Washington State’s top jobs.  It seems to be working!  (See the table to the right.)