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Making math addictive: UW CSE’s Zoran Popovic featured in Crosscut

Zoran PopovicZoran Popovic, director of UW CSE’s Center for Game Science, is featured in a recent Crosscut article about Enlearn, software developed by the non-profit of the same name that is designed to provide a more personalized, adaptive learning experience to students.

Zoran is founder and chief scientist at Enlearn, where he put his experience developing the Center for Game Science’s wildly popular protein folding game, FoldIt, to good use in tackling another massive challenge: improving K-12 math education.

From the article:

” ‘Enlearn very much evolved out of Foldit. That’s where I realized there could be completely alternative pathways to learning,’ says Popovic. Enlearn is designed to capture the entire gamut by being responsive to each student, and hitting the sweet spot of addictive entertainment normally reserved for triple-A Xbox titles.”

Zoran and his team have set a goal to “achieve mastery by 95 percent of the kids in any classroom, with any teacher, in any school.”

Read the Crosscut article here.

Learn more about Enlearn here.