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UW CSE’s Emily Fox, Shyam Gollakota, Thomas Rothvoss win Sloan Research Fellowships

estAlfred P. Sloan Research Fellowships are among the nation’s most prestigious awards for young scientists.

Today, UW CSE’s Shyam Gollakota and Thomas Rothvoss were named recipients of 2015 Sloan Research Fellowships. Shyam and Thomas join 24 previous UW CSE faculty members (plus 3 adjunct faculty members) as recipients of Sloan Research Fellowships – an unprecedented number that speaks to the extraordinary caliber of our young (or, in some cases, formerly young …) faculty members.

Emily Fox, Amazon Professor of Machine Learning in UW Statistics and adjunct professor in CSE, also received a Sloan Research Fellowship.

Shyam is an expert in wireless technology. Thomas, jointly appointed with UW’s Department of Mathematics, is a leader in approximation algorithms, linear and integer programming, combinatorics, network design, and scheduling. Emily is an emerging star in machine learning.

Congratulations to Emily, Shyam and Thomas!

(Our Ph.D. grandchild Alex Halderman at the University of Michigan – a student of UW CSE Ph.D. alum and Princeton professor Ed Felten – also is a recipient!)

Full page New York Times ad from the Sloan Foundation celebrating all of this year’s recipients here.