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UW Daily: Local tech leaders rally behind new CSE building

signatures-612x1024The UW Daily writes:

“Twenty-three tech leaders recently sent a letter to the Washington State Legislature endorsing the funding of a new computer science and engineering (CSE) building on campus …

“[Jeremy] Jaech is the CEO of SNUPI Technologies, a UW spin-off that makes in-home sensors that detect issues like flooding. He said that newer companies like his need local talent …

“‘Companies like Google, Amazon, and Microsoft have the wherewithal to hire people from all around the world and bring them in,’ Jaech said. ‘But companies like ours, well, we can’t do that. We can’t afford to relocate people from across the country.’

“‘When we invest in our kids, they get educated here, they find great jobs here, and raise their families here,’ [Technology Alliance Executive Director Susannah] Malarkey said. ‘So there is no reason not to be really ramping up the public investment in Computer Science & Engineering.’

“Expanding the opportunities to major in computer science at the UW would prepare students for this new local economy, [UW CSE’s Ed] Lazowska said.

“‘Washington state kids ought to have the opportunity to get an education to be a first-tier participant in this information economy, and that’s what we’re trying to do.'”

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