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10% of U.S. K-8 students are enrolled in’s Code Studio!

tumblr_inline_nlbx8sHPla1s7qct1Let’s hear it for Seattle’s Hadi Partovi and!

After tens of millions of students learned their first Hour of Code in December, how many have kept learning?’s online learning platform Code Studio just passed 5 million students enrolled, together with almost 115,000 teachers around the world!

10,000 new teachers are signing up to teach introductory CS with Code Studio every month. 10,000 new students are enrolling in courses every day!

10% of all elementary and middle school students across the United States are enrolled in an introductory computer science course on Code Studio!

Overall enrollment on the platform is 43% girls. Of course, an intro course is a long way from a university degree, but most girls never even try computer science. These new students now have the opportunity to get inspired and delve deeper.

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