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UW CSE’s Stuart Reges on KING5 TV: “While the course was hard, the cookies were soft and chewy”

635623033486024918-uwprofesscookiesA lovely report on KING5 TV News tonight, reporting on UW CSE’s Stuart Reges, who each quarter bakes chocolate chip cookies as a final exam treat for his class … which had nearly 1,000 students this quarter!

Untitled“In the days leading up to this semester’s final exam in Computer Programming 1 at the University of Washington, students spent hours studying over their laptops, while their teacher was slaving over a hot oven.

“‘I just love this,’ said Stuart Reges. ‘I think Toll House should hire me.’

“For the past two days when he hasn’t been teaching his class, Reges has been home baking handmade chocolate chip cookies.

“‘This recipe calls for 25 pounds of flour, 27 pounds of sugar, 7 dozen eggs and 54 sticks of butter,’ he said from his North Seattle kitchen.”

Watch the video here!