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“I Am CSE” video series shows why UW CSE is the place to be!

Irene Zhang in "I Am CSE"Every March, UW CSE welcomes prospective Ph.D. candidates for two action-packed days of lab tours, social events, and one-on-one meetings with faculty. This week, a record-high 104 candidates spent two days at the Allen Center exploring what it means to be a UW CSE graduate student.

Now, thanks to a new video series, everyone can learn about the people and projects that make UW CSE one of the most innovative and forward-thinking computer science programs in the nation.

“I Am CSE” is a series of short clips in which students, postdocs and faculty describe their work addressing real-world challenges including consumer privacy, health care, and global development. They also depict how UW CSE researchers are advancing the field of computer science with breakthroughs in areas such as computer vision and mobile systems.

Learn how the UW CSE community engages in high-impact projects! Check out the “I Am CSE” series on YouTube here.